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Redefining Artistry Aged 19

One Year Anniversary for Tattoos by Ellie

Ellie Sewell, our youngest entrepreneur at just 19 years old, has swiftly become a trailblazer in the tattoo industry. Fuelled by her passion for drawing, Ellie embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing Tattoos by Ellie, a thriving studio situated within Phoenix Court, Cleator Moor.

The Master becomes the canvas.

Ellie’s artistic journey commenced in a tattoo studio, armed only with an impressive portfolio of her intricate drawings. Under the mentorship of Master Tattooist Callum Powe (Carlisle), Ellie seamlessly transitioned her artistry from paper to the human canvas, mastering tattoo tools and cultivating a distinct style, primarily characterised by Blackwork*. Her creations, often softened with feminine touches of flowers, resonate with a diverse clientele.

During a recent visit to Ellie’s Studio, Callum Powe, her mentor turned canvas, bore witness to Ellie’s unparalleled skill and artistic finesse.

In October 2022, Ellie realized her dream of setting up her own tattoo studio, Tattoos by Ellie. The strategic location at the Phoenix Enterprise Centre, a stone’s throw from her hometown Egremont, has offered Ellie the ideal space to work from. Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship, Ellie stands undaunted, supported by her mother who manages the administrative aspects of the business, allowing Ellie to focus on being creative.

The success of Tattoos by Ellie is a testament to Ellie’s artistry and customer appeal. Her initial clientele, initially composed of friends, has rapidly expanded through positive word-of-mouth advertising, as well as a robust presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

Ellie’s Instagram account (@elliesewelltattoos) showcases completed works and offers a sneak peek into her imaginative designs awaiting the perfect human “canvas.”

As Ellie continues to make her mark in the tattoo industry, she is looking for a defining word or subheading that encapsulates her distinctive style—an enchanting blend of the occult with delicate touches of femininity. Any suggestions?

*Note: Blackwork refers to a style of tattooing characterized by bold black ink and minimal colour usage.

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