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Digital Access, Advice, Food and Support Project (DAAFS)

Phoenix Enterprise Centre delivers a free, confidential and independent Advice and Guidance service – DAAFS (Digital Access, Advice, Food and Support Project).

This project is available to all Copeland* residents who are unemployed, at risk of redundancy, or claiming working-age benefits. The purpose of this project is to offer support and guidance to people who have no or little experience in navigating government formfilling digitally.


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Our Advice and Guidance Team can offer help and advice with:

  • Searching and applying for jobs or training
  • Setting up an email account
  • Register, set up and maintenance of Universal Credit accounts
  • Create, store and distribution of job-seekers CV’s
  • Comply with Department for Working Pension (DWP) Claimant Commitment requirements to avoid sanctions
  • Phones are available for those who need to call DWP, Employers, etc.



We operate out of three separate IT Suites which are situated at:-

  • Harbour Youth Project, Whitehaven Town Centre – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  – 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Phoenix Enterprise Centre, Cleator Moor – Tuesday – Thursday – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • The Millom Network Centre, Millom – Friday – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm



Call on 01946 813 555 or 07388 996 202 – Email



“I was terrified of computers. I did the Job Centre course but I still need one-to-one help to cope. I wouldn’t have had the skills to apply for any jobs, like downloading applications and you have to send your CV by e-mail.”

“I’d never used a computer. I was useless on the machine before, hopeless. Now I can get on with my job applications.”

“I can use my sister’s on a Sunday night. She’ll leave it on for me and help me when things pop up that I don’t expect, like it’s scanning or an ad or something. But I can’t use it when she’s not there because anything like that would just make me panic and I don’t have the skills to download applications and send my CV by e-mail and that.”

 “I could already use computers when I came here, but there’s no computer at home. And I’m dyslexic so I need help with my CV and when I’ve got any questions about the application forms.”

 “I’ve used my computer for like face-book and that but not for looking for jobs. The help I need here is more for how to do the job applications than the IT stuff.”

“This is the only place I can use a computer. I’d never touched one before coming here.”


Digital Access, Advice, Food and Support Project (DAAFS) is funded by:

The Copeland Community Fund,  Copeland Council and Phoenix Enterprise Centre

DAAFS Stats April 22 – Present

 Clients Engaged  215
 Clients moving into jobs  12


Food Pantry Support April 22 – Present 

 Families  104
 Individuals  255


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* The Copeland area covers Distington, Whitehaven, Cleator Moor, Egremont, Seascale, Ravenglass, Millom and Haverigg.

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